Meet Jessica


Jessica Smith, Embrace Change Founder Jessica E. Smith is the founder/owner of Embrace Change and the author of "The Seven Lessons: A Gentle Guide to Embracing Change."

What is Embrace Change? To women seeking an emotional inspiration, Embrace Change is a self-care resource that uses storytelling to teach life lessons and motivate self-improvement.

Embrace Change is a beautiful mix of learning how to embrace, forgive, and persevere through positive affirmations and self-acceptance. Jessica is committed to helping people find the blessing in every experience, no matter how bad that experience may seem. Her mission is to help others learn how to accept change, live without fear, and promote self-care.

Jessica has created a strong community of grace and motivation through her meaningful writing and strong presence on social media, modeling ways to embrace change. Her work has been widely published on various inspirational websites and through community businesses. She holds many titles, including wife, mother, writer, gardener, pianist, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and private self-care coach. Raised in Maine, Jessica enjoys the Maine way of life with her husband and little ones.

Jessica's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in rehabilitation services. She has received many different kinds of useful training throughout her eight years in the social work field, including behavioral strength-based modifications and crisis interventions. Jessica is passionate about gently guiding others to recognize their worth, embrace their journey, and share their story.

Embrace Change Pillars

*Find the lesson: Embrace Change helps you discover the lesson in every experience.

*Learn from the lesson: Embrace Change shows you how to draw conclusions from each lesson.

*Act on the lesson: Embrace Change inspires you to do something with the lesson.

*Share the lesson: Embrace Change reminds us that not only are we students in life, we are also teachers.  

Explore and Connect

Every experience, every transition, every change holds within it a blessing of some kind. We are here to learn, embrace, forgive, persevere, and love. We are here to be teachers as well as students. Know there is a light in every dark corner in your life. Know your voice matters, your thoughts matter, and that you matter. When you realize just how powerful you are, as a being, you will embrace the changes in your life. Your inner voice is your direct connection to your inner self. When you connect to it, you connect to endless possibilities. You break the mold, set examples, and develop a love for you. It is time for you to love you! It is time to embrace change and get excited about the unexpected!

Do you feel like you are just floating through life? Are you stuck in the rat race or running on the hamster wheel? Are you nervous or anxious about changes in your life? Embrace Change might be what you need to refresh, reconnect, and refocus! Embrace Change is here to help you learn how to welcome change, increase self love, learn the importance of self care, and de-clutter any needed areas of your life. I want you to feel refreshed, supported, confident, and excited about welcoming any challenge that may come your way. You deserve to feel free, loved, and worthy; you have all the tools already inside of you to handle everything in your path. So please explore and connect with our community; let's encourage one another to embrace change and rediscover the tools to better welcome transition.